If you are getting a puppy for Christmas think about quitting smoking.

Posted by pamela mccoll on Tuesday, December 17, 2013
"Third-hand smoke is the residual tobacco smoke that lands on items and stays there after a cigarette has been put out. Tar and nicotine particles linger on surfaces, including clothing, hair, furniture, car upholstery, and pet fur. Over time, these particles can release 200 poisonous gases and they have been linked to cancer. For three minutes after smoking a cigarette, residuals on a person's breath and clothing can contaminate a space that they enter.
It can take up to two weeks for a previously safe, closed interior space to become safe again after having been contaminated with tobacco smoke. Hazardous carcinogens result when the nicotine in tobacco smoke reacts with nitrous acid ( a common component of indoor air). These carcinogens are created over time - days and weeks - and can be inhaled, absorbed, or ingested. " BABY AND ME TOBACCO FREE author Laurie Adams and Pamela McColl Grafton and Scratch Publishers 2013.

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