Posted by pamela mccoll on Wednesday, September 5, 2012
I noticed in the news today that Kentucky is gearing up to further smoke- free legislation in 2013. It has been my
direction for some time to put energies into getting kids to not start. Einstein said it is easier to get started in anything than it is to get oneself out of anything.... I don't know the exact quote but you get the idea. Addiction can be a tricky concept to explain to an adult let alone a child but this is the conversation we need to develop in our social cure to tobacco use.
I still hope to go and hear Victor Denoble speak to school kids sometime this fall. I  find the fact that he talks to over 350,000 kids in America every year, about the nature of nicotine addiction inspiring.  Today I started reading reviews on Amazon and on Good Reads and other sites and very pleased  to be,  even in a very small way, igniting a conversation about the influences working on children to get them to start smoking. Some of these influences are innocent enough and merely need to be addressed and reconsidered...in no way is this poet at fault and it is simply keeping up with the times. I started a discussion group on Amazon and I am certain that all points of view will appear which is great. Nobody is taking away liberties but this comes full circle back to informed consent and the protection of children. One reviewer mentioned that she had not remembered the smoking references. I have heard this comment time and time again and it is only when we call attention to it that parents, teachers, librarians, grandparents and others have further commented that it was time for this change. One reviewer mentioned it was long overdue...

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