Posted by pamela mccoll on Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spent Easter Saturday morning checking out this site out of Australia. Love their graphics and hope they take a look at Twas as it is going to be available worldwide as Atlas has reps everywhere. I would like to write a guest blog on their site and hopefully someone will review it and help get the word out there about the loss of the pipe.  I had a call from Merry Makers yesterday and the reindeer toy sample is flying here for Monday. Then it will take months to get the little character made but in time for the holidays. I don't know what his name should be as Rudolph wasn't in the book but we do have one reindeer with a red nose. I really appreciate the sense of humour coming from the illustrators. In the book they have placed a portrait of Clement C. Moore on the living room wall which is great fun given all the discussion over who actually wrote the poem. It was first published anonymously and Moore only claimed pensmanship many years later when he included it in an anthology of his other works. There has been quite abit of study about this question and one thing I find interesting is the fact that we know that Clement C. Moore was didn't like smoking.    Again fun stuff coming from the illustrators.   I have never actually met the illustrators but picked them over other possible candidates due to their previous work and their capacity for colour and the creation of characters that will appeal to very young children.

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