MerryMakers Toy Makers for Reindeer

Posted by pamela mccoll on Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Today we received the final sample of the wonderful toy that will be sold along with the book. It is the cutest reindeer and is areplica of the character on the cover red nose and all. There is one reindeer in the book with a red nose and his name is not Rudolph and his noses does not glow. He is special nonetheless and so we have made him into a 9" soft toy and he will be ready for the holiday season of 2012.  He is very soft and has a scarf and is the best reindeer ever.  We think we will sell for around $15.00 but will have to confirm with the people making the toys. We choose Merrymakers out of California because of the work they have done on many other occasions to bring characters from books to life. The did a great job with Olivia the pig, Rocket the dog and dozens of other characters from very popular books. Visit their website online and see examples of their great work. It must be fun being a toymaker and knowing you are bringing delight to boys and girls everywhere just like Santa's elves. This must be an exceptionally happy toymaker because they get to live in sunny California.  I don't like the idea of living in snow all the time but then maybe Santa and the elves take long holidays after Christmas. I have heard people say that they have seen glimpes of Santa in a bathing suit in Hawaii.

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