Net Galley Reviews Coming In September 4th. Day of Book Launch

Posted by pamela mccoll on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Received news that 68 requests for review copies just came in and we are starting to get written reviews. This project has become near and dear so good to get some fresh opinions on the edits we have made and to get a sense of the direction the wind of change is blowing in.
Pleased to find support and encouragement and praise for the illustrators. Quotable and memorable comments of the day:

" I am not a fan of smoking so this was a great idea fo me. "
"Very colorful illustrated children's book... Each part of the story is displayed in high graphics bringing magic to the page as you read each one. This classic along with the pictures would be a delight to read every night til the holiday arrives. "
"This has been long needed ! ' The poem is still enjoyable decades after written, but believe this more child friendly version has a place in my library."
"We should all get this book and wrap it up for your kids."
"A new version of one of my favorite books ever ! Our household currently owns 5 versions of this book and we will for sure be getting this one.'
"The artwork is absolutely beautiful". And while this book has been edited to be more friendly for today's children, I didn't feel that anything was lost from the story - it still gave me that feeling of awe that only the thought of Santa can bring. I highly recommend this to anyone who has small children. Actually, even if you don't have children, buy this book.
"The illustrations in this version are bright and detailed, like a good cartoon. The characters - including the pets, reindeer and toys - have expressive and friendly faces. If you read the book aloud, there's lots of stuff to point out to make the kiddies smile ( laughing dog, the Christmas ornaments, etc. ... A cute book. "

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