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Posted by pamela mccoll on Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pamela McColl



A children’s advocate and smoking cessation coach, Pamela McColl is releasing a smoke-free version of the classic Twas The Night Before Christmas.


She handles sales and marketing for Allen Carr North America, whose book, The Easy Way To Stop Smoking, is a best-seller with over 13 million copies sold worldwide. His program has helped influence millions of people  to quit smoking, including Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher, Anthony Hopkins, and Sir Richard Branson.


McColl also hosts an online peer group for smoking cessation through entitled “You Can Stop Smoking Now” and blogs through the associated website She has a special interest in maternity and smoking cessation and previously was a labor support doula and prenatal yoga instructor.  She is currently writing a book: “You Can Stop Smoking Now That You Are Planning a Family”.


Pamela along with Laurie Skinner blogs at whose aim is to bring awarenss to books that can make a positive difference in the education of children. All proceeds from sales from this web-site are donated to a charity. In 2012-2013 all funds are being donated to the Slave Lake Library Association for the rebuilding of the library that was destroyed by fire.


She works in collaboration with the University of California in San Francisco – Smoke-Free Movies

Campaign (, helping to put pressure on the film industry to rid its movies of scenes connected to smoking.


When she was 18 she fled her house, which was engulfed in flames as a result of her father falling asleep in bed with a lit cigarette. Though she had taken up smoking as a teen-ager, she quit over three decades ago.


She is the publisher of seven books, including Pacific Spirit: The Forest Reborn, which United States Senator Frank Murkowski, the chair of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, labeled as “one of the most important works on forest management” in recent years.  


The Canadian has been featured in major media in her country, including Maclean’s magazine, CBC Radio, and National Canada AM-TV.


Her diverse career includes previous experience in publishing, as a health care worker with Canadian Mental Health and as labor support doula. Her early career was spent the field of costume design for film and theatre and she attended the National Theatre School in Montreal Quebec and worked at the Stratford Festival in Ontario and the CBC.  The Vancouver resident earned a BA in History/Sociology attended Queen’s University, The University of Manitoba, and did postgraduate work in Theatre History at the University of Victoria, she returned to study as a mature student in the faculty of Women’s Studies at the University of British Columbia and holds certification in Peer Counseling.  Most recently she has trained with the Legacy Maternity in Brief Tobacco Intervention.


McColl, age 54, has 24-year-old twin daughters (neither of whom smokes).


Pamela is a member of The Ewomen’s Network and Grafton and Scratch Publishing is a member of the

Independent Book Publishers Association of America and The Canadian Children’s Book Centre.



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