Pamela McColl's Biography

Posted by pamela mccoll on Sunday, January 12, 2014
Publisher at Grafton and Scratch Publishing Canada.
2012 Published Twas The Night Before Christmas edited by Santa Claus.
2013 Wrote and published with co-author Laurie Adams Baby and Me Tobacco Free.
Director SAM Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada 
B.A. Canadian History minor in art history and sociology.
1984-2002 Corporate Art Consultant Vancouver BC Canada
1995 Publisher and writing endeavors.
2010 Consultant to the Winter Olympics Hospitality and Housing
Currently working on a new book You Can Stop Smoking Now, and other publishing endeavors.
Blogger at Twas4kids, You Can Stop Smoking Now and Twas The Night Before Christmas.
Director Books That Fit - Book Awards launching in 2014.

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