Rests the Future

Posted by pamela mccoll on Sunday, April 1, 2012


Why is it so important to help our kids not start smoking?

Tobacco use will eventually kill 32% of current 15 year old smokers. Each day 3,500 American children will try their first cigarette. About 850 of these first time users will eventually become daily smokers of whom 50% will die a premature death from a tobacco related disease.  A person who has not started by that age 19 is unlikely to ever start smoking or use illicit drugs.  Tobacco is a gateway drug.

The World Health Organization predicts that one billion people will die in this century from nicotine related diseases which is up tenfold from the 20thcentury when 100 million people died preventable premature deaths as a result of nicotine use.  It will take our children to not start smoking to have an impact on this very serious risk to global health.

“ I'm writing to do justice to the things I notice, to the ideas in my head and to the people who choose to read my work. The interesting lesson: One way to work the system is to work the system. The other way is to refuse to work it.”            Seth Godin

B. C. Forbes
Upon our children - how they are taught - rests the fate - or fortune - of tomorrow's world.