Santa Claus Quits Smoking on May 31st. 2012

Posted by pamela mccoll on Wednesday, April 25, 2012
On May 31st. 2012 Santa Claus - without doubt the most influential "character" for young impressionable young readers quits smoking his pipe.

On September 4th. 2012 the most famous poem in the English language is published less the depiction and reference to Santa engaging in smoking his pipe in the middle of the Moore family's living room. Good-bye second hand smoke - which can linger and leave a health risk for up to two weeks in an enclosed area.

For 190 years through mulitudes of renditions of this most cherished poem Santa has been seen smoking on the covers and throughout the pages. What may have been previously done in ignorance is no longer able to persist given all that we now know about the perils of tobacco/nicotine/smoking.

On March 8th. 2012 the office of the Surgeon General's Office released a 905 page report on the status of smoking and youth in the USA. It was the first such report in 18 years and outlines the urgency and need for immediate action to protect the youth of the 21st.century. Twas the Night Before Christmas was first written in 1822 and in an age where little was known about the risk of tobacco use. For this magical poem to continue to be at the heart of holiday reading it needs to be
adjusted to quietly leave the piping reference simply off the pages.

On The World Health Organizations 25th. anniversary of the No Tobacco Day May 31st. 2012 Santa will proclaim his ability to quit tobacco. He was able to do it like the 97% of other successful quitters, since the Surgeon General's first report on smoking in 1964 by going it cold turkey - unaided and simply kicking it out of the sleigh.

Grafton and Scatch are the publishers of this new up to date edition releasing it on September 4th. in hardcover, softcover for charities and nonprofits and in english, spanish and french. It is also available in ebook, kindle/nook and in an enhanced interactive version for the apple ibook.

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