Santa Smoking in the Moore's Living Room

Posted by pamela mccoll on Saturday, April 21, 2012
Third hand smoke is the term given to the residual of tobacco smoke contaminates that settle onto objects after the cigarette has been put out.  The chemical particles remain on furniture, walls,clothing and as they interact with oxygen create in excess of 200 poisonous gases and are cancer producing.  These carcinogens continue to contaminate the space for up to two weeks after the initial nicotine delivery device has been extinguished.  It takes an enclosed environment up to two weeks to be safe or clean.

Children are at the highest risk for this contamination as they put there hands on objects and then to their mouths.
They have immature immune systems, larger lung surface are per body size and faster metabolic rates and therefore are more susceptible to health problems caused by third hand smoke.

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