Smoking in Movies - Academy Awards 2013

Posted by pamela mccoll on Friday, January 18, 2013
Key points:

• 61% of all nominated movies featured smoking this year. 

• Smoking was heavy (50+ incidents) in nearly half of these films (47%, 8/17), including pipe-smoking in The Hobbit (PG-13)

• Half a dozen biographically-based films were nominated for 2012 — all with smoking. But only 25% of youth-rated movies with smoking (2/8) were biographically-based.

• PG-13 nominees delivering the most tobacco impressions (prelim.) in theaters include

• The Hobbit (Time Warner, 4.1 billion)
• Lincoln (Disney, 1.9 billion)
• Skyfall (Sony, 1 billion)

• R-rated nominees include:

• Argo (Time Warner, 2.2 billion)
• Django Unchained (Sony, 2.2 billion)
• Flight (Viacom, 1.6 billion)

Of the 20 nominated actresses and actors, four (20%) smoked on screen. 

Among actors smoking in this year's films were 
Leo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained, R)
Ian McKellen and Michael Freeman (The Hobbit, PG-13)
David Strathairn and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Lincoln, PG-13)
Berenice Marlohe (Skyfall, PG-13)
Denzel Washington* (Flight, R)
Ben Affleck and John Goodman (Argo, R)
Joaquin Phoenix* and Philip Seymour Hoffman* (The Master, R)
Jessica Chastain* (Zero Dark Thirty, R)
Bruce WIllis, Edward Norton and Francis McDormand (Moonrise Kingdom, PG-13).

* Nominated for Best or Supporting Actor or Actress

Oscars are awarded Sunday, Feb. 24.

Tobacco content data: Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down!, a project of Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails. Analysis and impressions: Smokefree Movies, UCSF. 

Note: Because the sample of Oscar-nominated films is so small, we do not look for trends year to year. The results for all top-grossing films should be available soon.

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