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Printing on demand

Posted by pamela mccoll on Saturday, August 11, 2012,
I have printed this book in the old fashioned way - by the truck load and I have them in distribution channels across North Smerica the old fashioned way. Yes we printed with FSC paper and vegetable inks.  I met a woman last night at a reception who was a first time publisher who was going to print on demand. It is something I don't know alot about and I wonder how this works out financially for a writer or self publisher.  I find it not impossible but challenging to be a small publisher espe...
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Posted by pamela mccoll on Monday, April 23, 2012,
I am very pleased to be working in partnership with Books That Fit and helping to bring attention to
a very important ELF - who is working hard on behalf of children across Canada. The Excellence in Literacy
Foundation - or ELF is the recipient of all affiliate fees obtained through book orders through the children's
bookstore at for 2012.
Check out this great organization and if you visit the the Books That Fit Bookstore to help them in their
endeavors. ExcellenceinLiteracy


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Canada's Illiteracy Crisis

Posted by pamela mccoll on Tuesday, April 3, 2012,

Canada’s Illiteracy Crisis

Literacy is becoming a luxury item in Canada. Socio-economic status and race are two of the strongest determinants for Canadian illiteracy.

Please note that these are not statistics from a developing country. These are Canadian statistics:

  • 42 % of Canadians are semi-illiterate. For the past 15 years there has been scarcely any improvement in Canada's literacy rate (The National, 05/24/06).

  • Though many believe Canada is well equipped on the literacy front, th...

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