Find out about the author Clement C. Moore and the many wonderful editions of this book that have been made over the past 190 years by a great number of different publishers.  The first edition was printed in a New York newspaper and it did not have any illustrations or drawings with it.  It is fun to find out about the poet Clement C. Moore and the life of people back in the 1820's when this poem was first read to his children on Christmas Eve 1822. It is older than the great Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol.  Happy researching. 


                                       "Interesting things to do this holiday season"

The Guardian: How to Draw ... Father Christmas With his snowy beard and berry cheeks, Santa is famous the world over as the bearer of gifts to children. Illustrator Jessica Ahlberg shows you how to make him your own. Ho, ho ho, and away we go...
Monday 24 December 2012

For the delight of young readers we have created a little quiz to further their involvement in

LETS PLAY ALONG..... TOGETHER.  We would very much like to see your drawings and comments

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1. In this edition there is a dog and a cat. Can you suggest great names for these friendly folk ?

   Suggest the names be based in the holiday season... Jingles, Bells, Merry, Noel, Holly.

2. The illustrators have had fun creating animals. Can you spot the animals who is using his tail as a blanket ? Hint he is sleeping in the snow.  Can you find the animal who is holding onto his toes ?

3. Draw a stocking that would go along with the ones that are hung by the chimney ?

4. Can you draw a picture of what presents are inside the wrapped parcels ?

5. Who do you think is the person in the portrait hanging on the wall. Can you guess ?

6. Do you notice the elements of magic ?  Hint the curtains ? Hint the fire ? 

7. What is different about the father in the illustration on the last page of the book ?

8.  Can you name the eight reindeer ?

9. What year was this poem first written in ?

10. What country was the author/poet Clement C. Moore from ?

11. Clement C. Moore became famous after this poem was published.  He has a park and a school named after him in which State ?

12. Is Rudolph one of the reindeer in this story ?


1. Names for pets - with a Y or IE are best as it is said dogs can hear the sound these letters make the better than others -  Snoopy, Lucky, Lassie.

2. Back cover of the book and mouse by the chimney.

3. Drawing of a stocking using elements from the ones depicted in the book.

5.  It is the poet Clement C. Moore in one of the portraits.

6. The curtains open and close and the fire along with the candles go out. Not everything can be explained and remember this is the season of

   elves and elves love to play mischief. 

7. His has put down his glasses

8. As listed in the story

9. 1822 and it was first published on Christmas Eve 1823.

10. USA

11. New York

12. No