Wishing you and your family a very happy and joyful holiday season for 2016.  - The publishers at Grafton and Scratch.  



                                          Question and Answers with the publisher.


1.  Why do you feel that it’s necessary to alter a classic story? 

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2. Why stop with smoking? Why not change Santa’s weight (obesity) or his use of reindeer?

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3. Where should we draw the line in terms of how politically correct we should be in remaking the all-time classics?

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4. Why does Twas the Night before Christmas still fascinate children today?

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 5In 2011, different publications of the book led it to hit the New York Times best-seller lists for 36 weeks. It’s

    considered the most famous poem in American history, dating back to its initial publication nearly 200 years ago

    in a newspaper. Isn’t it sacrilegious to tinker with it?

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6. Author, Clement C. Moore, was a member of the New York Historical Society. Can you give us some context and perspective on the origins of the poem?

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7. You say you would like to see books with depictions of smoking or references to tobacco in children’s libraries to have warnings to make parents aware before they open the book. Isn’t that a form of censorship? 

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  8. What are the goals for your organization, www.youcanstopsmokingnow.com and www.smokefreechildrensbooks.com? 

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9. What can we do to make more parents, grandparents and teachers aware of the dangers of reading smoke-filled books to young, impressionable minds?

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