Children's Bookwatch: November 2012
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Diane C. Donovan, Editor
Midwest Book Review
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The Christmas Shelf
Twas the Night Before Christmas
Clement C. Moore, author
Elena Almazova & Vitaly Shvarov, illustrators
Grafton and Scratch Publishers
9780987902306 $16.95 
Twas the Night Before Christmas is a children's picture book adaptation of the classic Christmas poem, with one important distinction - the poem has been edited to remove any references to Santa smoking tobacco. In today's advertising-saturated nation, it's more important than ever to realize how bombarded children are with images of cigarettes, pipes, and smoking; Twas the Night Before Christmas allows parents to share a timeless classic without adding to the inundation. The vibrantly colorful, friendly illustrations bring to life this wonderful read-aloud holiday storybook.

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Kirkus Review - Release August 2012

"News flash: Santa quits smoking! This version of the famous Christmas poem has one unique feature: The references to Santa’s pipe and the smoke that “encircled his head like a wreath” have been edited out of the text.

Purists may cry mucking about with a beloved classic, but plenty of parents might not want to introduce old St. Nick as a smoker. “Edited by Santa Claus for the benefit of children of the 21st century... and a commitment to nonsmoking is a legitimate goal in materials intended for children."                      

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Critics say "Butt Out" but thanks to publisher Santa just did."                                            CTV National News

"Publisher, who also works hard to pressure movies and media to limit depictions of smoking has a point. "                                                                                                                                                                              Dallas News Oct. 10th. 2012